Regulatory Information

Taylor Kendall is not a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA – We do not undertake reserved legal activities such as appearing before the Court in litigation proceedings, dealing with probate matters and a few other specialised activities that are required to be carried out by regulated law firms.

If we feel you require any of these services, or if you have a high value transaction where it would make sense for a third party to hold money on your behalf, we will tell you when we cannot act, and instead refer you to trusted third party regulated firms with whom we work, and who can carry out such activities on your behalf and within our pricing philosophy.

Taylor Kendall Director, Candace Kendall, qualified as a solicitor in 1996 and practised for many years but is now classed as a non-practising solicitor when operating through Taylor Kendall. She upholds all the ethical rules of the profession, acting with integrity at all times and in the best interests of each client, and providing a proper standard of service. Taylor Kendall holds business consultants’ professional indemnity insurance to cover all activities.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our approach. Our view is that clients should not have to pay more for regulatory overheads which for the bulk of our activities are superfluous, and we aim for complete transparency on regulatory matters.